Debunking the Starving Artist Stereotype

How many times have you heard the words “starving” and “artist” used together?

Too many times? Well how about the following statements:

“Go ahead and follow your dreams, but be prepared to struggle financially.”

“You have to have a backup plan.”

“Only a few super special people succeed as performers.”

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When Immigrants Seek Solace Through Dance

Some Filipinos migrate abroad for many reasons. Although some never come back, others return to the Philippines for the sake of reconnecting with their past.

But as “Naiwala” showed viewers, an immigrant’s return to their home country doesn’t always mean fun fiestas and happy family reunions.

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From Unity to Chaos: Redefining the Body Through Motion

It is often said that the body has no limits.

Although it’s one thing to read about our capabilities, it’s another to see them being interpreted through dance.

“Moonlight” is a masterpiece by dancer and Daloy Dance Company’s artistic director, Ea Torrado. Ten dancers of Daloy Dance Company, namely Joy Christian Adorable, Jan Lloyd Celecio, Joemarie Cruz, Julienne Depatillo, Kennard Insigne, Jovin Lazaro, Arcelyn Lualhati, Jamie Monserrat, Jamie Paraiso, and Buboy Raquitico, will join her in this show.

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Fringe Manila Celebrates 5th Anniversary with Full Line-up

As a result of Manila’s increasing interest in the creative industry over the years, more independent artists are being compelled to make a difference through their craft by becoming models of change in the ever-evolving world of creatives.

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